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Via Manlio Travaglini, 21- 48122 Ravenna (RA)

Successful delivery of a RPS for the major development in Isreal

industria, ravenna, italy

hese are definitely challenging times given the current Coronavirus pandemic and we are working under extraordinary circumstances. We continue working from home and have temporarily suspended our production activities but in March 2020 we delivered a Riser Pull-In System (RPS) for a major development located off the coast of Israel. The RPS has 1 chain jack of 550mT capacity, 2 auxiliary winches of 120mT capacity for 56mm wire rope diameter, an electrically driven HPU, a control system, a chain locker and 5 diverter sheaves.

We would like to thank TechnipFMC for the great ongoing collaboration on this project as well as all of our personnel involved in the project!

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