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F.lli Righini Srl is a company with more than 70 years of experience in the construction of machinery and operating in the offshore industry since 1980. The company is leader in the designing and fabrication of mechanical systems, packages and equipment for the Oil&Gas, Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning.


Equipment for FPSO, Pipelaying Vessels, Flexible and Umbilical Laying and more


Internal and External Lifting Tools for pile upending and Jacket Pile Grippers for Offshore Jackets levelling

BU 200x200 HL new

Internal and External Lifting Tools used onboard of heavy lift vessels for Offshore Decommissioning

Icona Naval

Various Repair and Refit activities carried out at our yard inside the Ravenna Port with direct access to the quay


.lli Righini, with its more than 45 years of experience in the offshore industry, has become a trusted partner for Oil&Gas Companies and EPCI Contractors. Our wide range of products for the Offshore Oil&Gas sector include:

Hydraulic friction clamps for J-Lay ;
Risers Pull-In Systems (RPS), Chain-Jacks for Steel Catenary Risers and Mooring Tensioning Systems for FPSO ;
Linear and rotary winches for all capacities and for all applications ;
Laying systems for flexibles and umbilicals laying, transportation and transpooling ;
Electric/hydraulic/diesel power units and control systems
Any type of tailor-made Special Equipment

Recently, F.lli Righini has widened its products portfolio by designing and fabricating equipment for the Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning sectors.


F.lli Righini Srl performs in-house all the following activities: Designing&Engineering, Project Management, Procurement, Fabrication&Assembly and Testing. Our technicians provide onshore and offshore assistance for installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

engineers pointing to building on blueprint and using laptop to drawing design building Project in office, construction concept. Engineer concept

Design & Engineering

F.lli Righini Srl designs custom-made and turn-key equipment, machines, packages according to our Client’s requirement. This process starts with the basic concept development and it ends when the final executive documentation is issued. Engineering & Design activities are all carried out internally and in accordance with the international industrial and Third Party’s norms.


& Assembly

Our equipment is fabricated and assembled in our facilities in Ravenna where we carry out materials reception, welding and pre-fabrication, machining and assembly. Our site is located less than 1,5km from the Industrial Terminal of the Ravenna Harbour. Our workshops are equipped with high-capacity over-head cranes. We have also a yard of 30.000sqm inside the Port of Ravenna with direct quay access.



Our testing activities are planned and monitored through the issuance of Inspection Test Plans dedicated to each project. Our products are subject to various tests during the entire production process.  All our equipment is subject to functional and load tests prior to delivery. We also design and fabricate custom-made test benches for static and dynamic load tests.

Righini commissioning

Assistance & Spare Parts

F.lli Righini Srl supports its Clients after the equipment is delivered by providing qualified technicians with various specializations. Dedicated teams are created for onshore and offshore assistance for Installation, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance. All our technicians have the necessary training and qualifications to operate according to the highest safety industry standards.

Products & Solutions

F.lli Righini srl is capable of providing assistance for difference needs thanks to its extensive knowledge. Our equipment, tailor-made and turn-key, caters to the following sectors: Offshore Oil&Gas, Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning.

Clear Filters
Vertical Lay System for Umbilicals – Normand Cutter Vessel
Horizontal Laying System (HLS) and Carousels – Shah Deniz 2
Pipe Handling Equipment – Blue Stream Project
Pipe Handling Equipment – Castorone Vessel

F.lli Righini Srl is always looking for skilled and prepared personnel to work in our headquarter in Ravenna.

Our Clients’ trust constantly stimulates us to find innovative and reliable solutions to cater for their needs and requirements.

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