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Via Manlio Travaglini, 21- 48122 Ravenna (RA)

Offshore Wind

Offshore WIND

F.lli Righini has gained a valuable know-how and track record in the Offshore Wind Industry by supplying various equipment.
The range of tools and equipment include:  

  • Monopile Upending and Skidding Systems 
  • Lifting andUpending Tools for lifting  and upending of foundation and structural piles
  • Jacket Flanged Lifting Tool 
  • Gravity Based Structures Lifting Frames and Rings 
  • SSVBM Upending Device
  • Jacket Pile Grippers for jacket levelling
  • Secondary Steel Installation Tool
  • Motion Compensated Outrigger
  • Mooring Sheaves for Floating Win
  • Davit Cranes for Floating Wind
  • Carousels and Tensioners for electrical cables laying
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