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.lli Righini Srl is a company with more than 70 years of experience in the construction of machinery and operating in the offshore industry since 1980. The company is leader in the designing and fabrication of mechanical systems, packages and equipment for the Oil&Gas, Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning.

We believe that together it is possible to overcome ambitious challenges and thanks to our flexibility and experience, we can meet our Clients’ needs and expectations.

Renzo Righini

Chief Executive Officer


Professionalism and Experience


.lli Righini Srl supports its Client since the early phases of each project. Conceptual and Basic Design, 3D Modelling and Structural Analysis at Finite Elements (FEM) are standard practice conducted in order to reach the optimisation of weight/dimension and project reliability. Designing, fabrication and testing, all carried out in-house, increase the operational reliability of new solutions and allow us to comply with the most challenging requisites. In our workshop in Ravenna, we fabricate and test all our equipment through functional and load tests prior to the delivery to our Clients. Test benches for dynamic and static load tests are available for loads in the range of thousands of tons depending on the application.

F.lli Righini Srl also provides 24/7 assistance to Clients for installation, commissioning and start-up of its machines in Italy and abroad and/or offshore. Our qualified technicians cover the following disciplines: mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, control/software and can operate equipment during offshore campaigns and/or execute maintenance activities.

Collaboration, innovation, passion and flexibility are core values that have always distinguished F.lli Righini and have allowed us, throughout the years, to satisfy our Clients’ needs. F.lli Righini is certified by DNV for its Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


We aspire to be the trusted partner during the Energy Transition and satisfy the needs of our present and future Clients by offering excellent solutions and services.


Supply outstanding equipment for the energy industry by facing, together with our Clients, engineering and fabrication challenges. Talent, innovation and quality are at the core of our activities and our Clients’ trust always encourages us to find innovative and reliable solutions to their problems.


We continually collaborate with our Clients in order to reach the optimal final solution


We are always looking for new methods and techniques to design and fabricate equipment with the highest technological content


We are passionate about our work and we always do it with our strongest commitment and flexibility

Collaboration, innovation, passion and flexibility are the core values that have always differentiated F.lli Righini and have allowed us to meet our Clients’ needs throughout the years




.lli Righini, with its more than 45 years of experience in the offshore industry, has become a trusted partner for Oil&Gas Companies and EPCI Contractors. Our wide range of products for the Offshore Oil&Gas sector include:

Hydraulic friction clamps for J-Lay ;
Risers Pull-In Systems (RPS), Chain-Jacks for Steel Catenary Risers and Mooring Tensioning Systems for FPSO ;
Linear and rotary winches for all capacities and for all applications ;
Laying systems for flexibles and umbilicals laying, transportation and transpooling ;
Electric/hydraulic/diesel power units and control systems
Any type of tailor-made Special Equipment

Recently, F.lli Righini has widened its products portfolio by designing and fabricating equipment for the Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning sectors.

In particular, for the Offshore Wind sector our solutions include:

  • Internal/External Lifting Tools for pile-upending and installation of foundation and structural piles
  • Carousels and tensioners for electrical cables laying and
  • Jacket Pile Grippers for jackets levelling

For the Offshore Decommissioning industry, we have designed and built:

  • Internal and External Lifting Tools for Offshore Jackets Decommissioning.
  • Offshore External Lifting Tools to be used for various applications
At your side for the more than 70 years
Davide and Vincenzo start their business focused on repair activities and spares construction for agricultural machines.
Official year of foundation of F.lli Righini Srl. The company focuses on industrial and naval maintenance activities.
F.lli Righini continues maintenance activities and focuses on fabricating components and machines for the steel sector.
Entry of F.lli Righini Srl into the Offshore Oil&Gas sector and expansion of the machine tools fleet
Division of F.lli Righini Srl in F.lli Righini Srl that continues to design and build mechanical systems for the Offshore industry and Righini Meccanica Srl that specialises in machining with machine tools
F.lli Righini srl designs and builds equipment for the Offshore Oil&Gas, Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning sectors.
Ambition to become the trusted partner during the energy transition by offering excellent solutions and services.
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