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Via Manlio Travaglini, 21- 48122 Ravenna (RA)


Our strenght

.lli Righini Srl performs in-house all the following activities: Designing&Engineering, Project Management, Procurement, Fabrication&Assembly and Testing. Our technicians provide onshore and offshore assistance for installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance.



.lli Righini Srl designs custom-made equipment, machines and packages starting from the initial concept and according to the Client’s specifications. The project then further continues with fabrication activities until delivery and at last the final documentation is issued.

Our Technical Department has gained extensive knowledge in the realization of feasibility studies, concepts development, FEED, 3D CAD Modelling (Solidwords). Our technicians have a deep know-how in performing structural analysis at Finite Elements (FEM – Ansys) and fatigue analysis for:

  • J-Lay friction clamps
  • Monopile Upending Systems 
  • Mooring Systems for Oil&Gas and Floating Wind
  • Risers Pull-in Systems
  • Internal and External Lifting tools and Lifting Solutions for special applications
  • Carousels for flexibles and umbilicals laying
  • Jacket Levelling Systems

The design is carried out according to the Client’s specifications and international norms both Industrial (DIN, EN, ATEX, IECEx, etc) and Certification Body’s (DNVGL, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, BV, etc.). In most cases the design is validated by a Certification Body through the issuance of a certificate.

Risk Analysis associated with the usage of the machines, HAZID, HAZOP and FMECA are conducted according to the specific requisites of each Project.

engineers pointing to building on blueprint and using laptop to drawing design building Project in office, construction concept. Engineer concept



ll our equipment is built in our site in Ravenna where we carry out the following activities: materials reception, welding and pre-fabrication, machine tools machining and mechanical assembly. The piping and electric installation and control system development are all completed in our workshops.

We also own Righini Meccanica (link al sito homepage in inglese), a company specialised in heavy mechanical machining with machine tools with more than 70 years of experience.

Our workshops are equipped with over-head cranes with high lifting capacity (max 200 tonnes). These become vital during handling and assembly of heavy and large components.

Our premises are located less than 1,5km from the Industrial Terminal inside the Port of Ravenna, which is reachable through a one of the main road arteries of the city. This allows us to arrange exceptional and oversized transports.

For pre-fabrication and assembly of large equipment or equipment that can’t be transported by road we have a yard of 30.000sqm located inside the Port of Ravenna with direct access to the quay.



he testing activities are planned and monitored through the issuance of an Inspection Test Plan dedicated to each project. These are issued according to the contractual specifications and Certification Body’s norms that certify our products.

Our Control Activities start from materials procurement as we buy only materials and components from trusted, selected and qualified suppliers.

Our products are then subject to various tests during the entire production process such as:

  • Destructive tests (DT) for the control and qualification of the materials used (traction, resilience, chemical analysis, etc.)
  • Non Destructive Tests (NDT) on materials and welded components (controls: ultrasound, radiographic, magnetics and penetrating liquids)
  • Dimensional Controls
  • Leak Test, Pressure Tests, TARATURE VALVOLE, etc
  • Flushing E Oil Cleanliness Control (NAS)
  • Tests on Electrical and Instrumental (E&I) components (Continuity Tests, ATEX, IECEx Controls, etc)

Our machines and their test benches are subject to functional and load tests prior to being delivered to the Client (Factory Acceptance Test).

We also design and fabricate custom-made test benches for static and dynamic load tests. These are designed and built specifically for each project and with the objective to replicate as much as possible the real load and usage configurations of the equipment.

Righini commissioning



.lli Righini Srl supports the Client after the project delivery by providing assistance through qualified technicians with various specialties (mechanical, hydraulic, electro-instrumental, control, superintendent).

Dedicated teams are created upon Client’s request for onshore and offshore assistance during installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

All of our technicians have the necessary training and qualifications to operate offshore according to the highest safety industry standards.

We can perform modifications, audits and maintenance activities for all equipment, even the one not built by Righini, in order to guarantee the nominal operating conditions.

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