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Offshore Oil & Gas

Offshore Oil & Gas

F.lli Righini Srl started operating in the Offshore Oil&Gas industry in 1975. Throughout the years we have matured various capabilities and we have updated our production facilities in order to cater to our Clients’ needs as their requests changed together with the market. Since many years, we are the trusted supplier of Oil&Gas Companies as well as EPCI Contractors.

Aside from the equipment listed below we are able to design and build Special Equipment according to the needs and technical requirements of our current and future Clients.

  • Hydraulic Friction Clamps for sealine J-Lay up to 1500mT, Hang Off Clamps (HOC), Travel Assembly Clamp (TRAC)
  • A&R Storage Winches equipped with hydraulic wire rope tensioning system
  • Pipe Handling Equipment for Triple/Quadruple Joint Pre-Fabrication
  • Stinger Handling and Adjustment System for sealine S-Lay
  • Tie-in Clamps
  • Davit Cranes
  • Risers Pull-In Systems (RPS)
  • Mooring Tensioning Systems (MTS)
  • Rotary and linear winches for mooring and risers pull-in, applicable for FPSO mooring turrets
  • Chain-jacks for Mooring and SCR pull-in
  • Fairleads e Chain-Stoppers per FPSO mooring chains
  • Basket-type  Carousels for electrical cables, umbilicals and flexibles
  • Multi-purpose Tensioner Spread
  • Lay Carousels sprocket type for Umbilicals and flexibles
  • Laying systems for Flexibles and Umbilicals
  • Friction clamp for Emergency hold-back of Umbilical & Flexible products
  • Mooring winch with HPU and Control System
  • Rotary Winch for Subsea Equipment plus Umbilical, Eletric Motors and Power Unit
  • Semi-Automatic Buoy Loader
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