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Most capable internal lifting tools


e are very proud to announce the successful load test of the most capable Internal Lifting Tools (ILTs) available nowaday on the market. The tools have been tested at a vertical load of 4.400mt (certified at 4.000mt) and at a transversal load of 1.000mt.

ur scope of work for the project included design, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and testing of four ILTs to be operated on board of Heerema Marine Contractors’ construction and heavy lift vessels. The tools are hydraulically operated and modular to handle tubulars ranging from 60” to 96”.

We would like to thank Heerema Marine Contractors for the confidence in awarding this topic contract and for the close collaboration we experienced since the beginning of the project.

We also want to thank all of our staff for making this project a reality and for working safely with enthusiasm and passion.

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